Child Arrangements Orders

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The Children & Families Act 2014 (CFA 2014) amended the Children Act 1989 and has the following impact:

Residence Order and Contact Order are now replaced with a Child Arrangements Order

The terms ” lives with ” and “spends time with” now determine the residence and contact.

In order to make an application there are some basic requirements:

  1. You have Parental Responsibility or are going to ask the court for leave to make an application. If you are a father of  child and registered on the birth certificate for  child born after 1 December 2003 you have automatic PR or were married to the mother of the child. If you are a mother then you will have automatic parental responsibility
  2. You have attended a MIAM  and this has been unsuccessful or is not required / exempted.
  3. Need a completed C100 form ( + C1a if allegations of harm) and court fee of £215 ( unless exempt).

I can help you and support your C100 application and the cost for this would usually just be 1 hours work unless it is complicated and there are allegations of significant/ serious harm requiring C1a or you require s statement in support.

The C100 is a long but simple form but it is important that you word the circumstances and what you are seeking carefully.

Just text or ring me on 07954790808 and I can discuss starting your application straight away. Click here for how  can help you and here for my fees.