Representing Yourself In Court

This may feel intimidating and nerve racking ….however the cost of paying a solicitor or barrister to talk for you is bleeding you and your child’s future dry.

Yes , of course there is nothing more important in having access to seeing your child again , having regular contact and where possible your child residing with you so you pay up….

However there is an alternative way:

  1. You know the benefits of your child living with you or spending time with you better than a solicitor.
  2. You can put your child before yourself and show that their welfare is your paramount concern.
  3. You can answer any allegations and issues that are thrown at you because you know you are a good parent and your child needs you in their life.

You just need someone to help you choose the right words to say, to keep you focused when your under attack and be there in the court room to support you.   You also need someone to negotiate with your Ex Partners legal team on the day to try and resolve things.

If you have the confidence, want to save £1,000’s and want to stand up for your child in court contact me and we can be your McKenzie Friend

Just text or ring me on 07954790808 and I can discuss starting your application straight away. Click here for how  can help you and here for my fees.