Will You attend court with me?

The simple answer is Yes !

However you must remember exactly what can and can’t be done in court. Unless the judge allows a McKenzie friend to address the court, give “rights of audience” then all the McKenzie friend can do is quietly offer advice, take notes and support you in delivering your story.

However, do not under estimate the need to have someone in the court room. It is frightening not only because of the authority and power of the court, the procedures, public speaking but also because you will face questions or points that you have not thought about and they may come thick and fast. You’re head will be a mess and you won’t always be able to give the best answer. You may even get emotional and not communicate your true behaviour so it is vital you have someone with you.

It is not fair to you, your child or us if we do not have an idea of your case and leaving it last minute to ask us to come along with you is unreasonable.  All we ask is that we have had at least a full days worth of meeting and time before attending court with you.