Non Molestation Orders

Non Molestation Orders


There is not definition under the Family Law Act 1996 however case law has produced some guidelines.  Molestation can encompass a wide range of behaviours from violence, threats of violence to nuisance phone and text calls . Case law describes a situation where someone is at least pestering another and there must be  degree of harassment that requires court intervention.

s.42(5) FLA 1996 sets out the test for a non – molestation order which outlines that having regard to all the circumstances of the case there is a need to secure the health , safety and wellbeing of the applicant or any relevant child.

Either initiating or receiving a Non Molestation order can be very distressing and worrying.  It is common when child contact has been stopped that people engage in behaviour which may be classed as molestation.

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