Why Us?

Ashley Brooks has a unique combination of skills from his careers as both a lawyer, a teacher and family mediator along with being a parent to an autistic daughter.

He is able to empathise and understand the positions both legally, emotionally and impartially to be able to give you clear, honest information about the issues you are facing and the possible routes to resolution.

Ashley Brooks LLB ( Hons) has completed both a Law Degree at Middlesex University in London and the Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at Nottingham Law School. He worked as a paralegal in both commercial recovery and in historic abuse cases in North and South Wales. He has also been a senior leader in schools and has a wealth of experience in dealing with the problems and anxieties separation and parental alienation can bring to children. He has also been through the process himself and secured a shared care order following a 18 month court case and nearly 2 years departed from his daughter. He is non judgmental and has no gender bias and is willing to support any parent who genuinely wants to be an important role model for their child.