I need someone to talk to my ex

It is difficult to understand that your “Ex” no longer wants to talk to you and could threaten either a Non Molestation Order or Injunction  and you’re left thinking what happened?

Mediation is one way that can help to identify and begin the journey to seeking a new way forward in the future.   If this is not possible then it may well be the need for the legal process to be initiated and we can assist you with that.

It is important to note that in order for a non molestation order to be made in closed court it only takes one form of unwanted communication so be polite and keep to the contact issue.

We can help you find a local mediator to see if this is possible. This may be all it takes if your ex is willing to talk with someone else present or by shuttle mediation. We can also assist  in helping you focus and deal with this and know what to try and agree.