How much does it cost?

I am a registered paralegal, not a Solicitor or Barrister but do have legal qualifications and  several years experience in this area and have the benefit of being both child centred through my career as a Deputy Headteacher, Safeguarding Officer and Family Mediator.

Our rates are

£60/hour for help interviewing, supporting and attending court

£300 daily rate

Fixed Fees are available upon request.


OurKidFirst is NOT a legal advice service. It is a support and guidance service.

We are providing a service to you as a McKenzie Friend/Legal Assistant and therefore will not be responsible for any adverse decisions made in your case resulting from documents we have helped you prepare and guidance given to you prior to or during court proceedings. We will not be responsbile for any decisions made by you, the court or the other party’s solicitor. or applications.

If you require advice about the merits of your case or application or what to say in your statements you should consult a Practising Solicitor who is regulated by the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority or a Direct Access Barrister.