Divorce & Financial Arrangements

Divorce, Separation & Financial Arrangements


It is emotionally very difficult enough when separating or divorcing and can often take more than  several years to really deal with the loss of the family unit.  This is then compounded when the harsh reality of setting up a new life, paying bills and paying for everything on your own again hits home.

Most of us do not have  a villa in Italy or lots of assets. Usually most of us have some one of special items of value but our assets are the matrimonial home, any pensions or savings and investments alongside our car.

On the other hand we can guarantee that most of us will have the value in our assets all but swept away by our liabilities such as the mortgage, car loans, personal loan and several credit cards.

This causes us to be more protective and take entrenched positions about what is left after we take away all of the debts.  However, the few thousand pounds left can end up in both sides legal advisors bank accounts and your left with a large bill and regrets.

Ourkidfirst , and Ashley Brooks LL.B(Hons) can help you identify and prepare for an Application for A Financial Arrangement,  The dreaded Form E and mandatory evidence required, preparing questionnaires to ensure the other half hasn’t squirrelled money away or under/ over values items and of course supporting you in court.

We ensure that our fees, which are £50 per hour are affordable and realistic to still leave some money in the pot for both of you and put what matters first which is your children and your future not the past.

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