Child Custody is now Child Arrangement Order

Child Custody and Contact is now Child Arrangement Order

It seems that most of us who need to start searching the internet for “child custody” have never needed to know the appropriate terminology. However since we were children the law has moved on and uses different words.

Custody and Contact are replaced with phrases like ” lives with ” and “spends time with”. These have legal differences such as representing a shared care arrangement and being able to go overseas with your child with less hassle.

For me though, I could not bear the thought that my daughter spent time with me, she used to live with me and she will continue to do so, just with less time.

Courts are becoming more aware of the benefits of shared care.

Over the past decade there has been conflicting research over the benefits of shared care.

However, we know that if both parents are important and both parents make the time they have with their children focused around the child then it brings benefits. The issue is when parents start putting other priorities before their children even after a big battle to win the right to spend time together and live with them.